Lowest Cost Bid

We Own a Million-Dollar Home: Why Aren’t You the Cheapest?

“Company X offers a lower price!”

We get it – IT services is a competitive business. But remember, the cheapest option often means:

  • Cutting corners: A race to the bottom leads to poor service and security risks.
  • Smart shoppers know: Look beyond price. The US Navy doesn’t choose the cheapest submarine builder, for a reason!
  • Think Henry Ford: He initially offered the cheapest cars, but soon realized people wanted more – quality, safety, style.
  • We all want quality: Built by people who care, and are paid a fair wage. This benefits everyone.
  • Looking for the cheapest option might save you a buck now, but in the long run, you will truly get what you pay for.

Post inspired from https://seths.blog/2014/05/the-tyranny-of-lowest-price/