Fix My 2009 iMac

What exactly do you want us to do?

A client called today requesting on-site repair for a very old (2009) iMac. Parts are scarce, the software is outdated, and frankly, the machine is worth very little.

Our best advice is to get a new system. We don’t sell products, so there is no sales pressure. We’re just trying to prevent clients from being scammed by someone offering a cheap “fix” for an outdated machine.

Magic Wand

What Is Our Value To You?

Let’s flip the script regarding computer repair costs by asking a simple question.

I have a magic wand. When I wave the wand, it fixes all of your computer problems and prevents them from happening again.

How much are you willing to pay for us to wave the wand?

Lowest Cost Bid

We Own a Million-Dollar Home: Why Aren’t You the Cheapest?

“Company X offers a lower price!”

We get it – IT services is a competitive business. But remember, the cheapest option often means:

  • Cutting corners: A race to the bottom leads to poor service and security risks.
  • Smart shoppers know: Look beyond price. The US Navy doesn’t choose the cheapest submarine builder, for a reason!
  • Think Henry Ford: He initially offered the cheapest cars, but soon realized people wanted more – quality, safety, style.
  • We all want quality: Built by people who care, and are paid a fair wage. This benefits everyone.
  • Looking for the cheapest option might save you a buck now, but in the long run, you will truly get what you pay for.

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