‘Almost’ Verbatim Responses When We Return Phone Calls
  • You didn’t pickup the phone right away
  • Who cares if you were servicing other clients?
  • We snowbirds come down 4 months a year. Drop everything when we call
  • We found someone ‘cheaper’ — and it took you 10 minutes to respond
  • We found someone ‘cheaper’ — none of us know what the problem is — but he said it would cost $40, no matter what
  • You helped us 5 years ago. Why didn’t you call us back right away?
  • I have a tech coming tomorrow; if it doesn’t work out, we’ll call you
  • I saw a sign at the traffic island to call an 800 number for a free repair
  • I’ll send you a screenshot. Just tell me what I need to do for the fix
  • Why do I need to replace my perfectly usable, 15-year-old Windows 7 computer?
  • My inkjet printer is 7 years old and cost me $100. Why are you trying to screw me by saying it’s not worth the repair?
  • Yes, I want you to drive from North Port to Siesta Key during I-75 rush hour to replace my $20 keyboard, –but I’m not paying travel time
  • Just replace the Verizon FIOS cable; they will never know