2024 Expo Update

CBC Showcases Affordable, Reliable Backup Solutions

Reliable backup solutions provide a safety net for the preservation of computer data during hurricane season. At the recent Sun Media Hurricane Expo, held at the Charlotte Harbor Event and Conference Center, CBC educated both home users and small businesses on affordable options to ensure budget limitations don’t compromise data protection.

For home users, CBC showcased user-friendly, easily configurable cloud storage and external hard drives for safeguarding personal data, documents, and photos.

CBC also introduced small businesses to additional options, including off-site backup services and network-attached storage devices for the preservation of mission-critical files such as customer information and financial records.

CBC’s primary goal was to help Expo attendees make informed decisions by sharing best practices and criteria to select affordable and reliable backup solutions. While hurricanes pose serious risks to data, a well-designed backup solution will protect your valuable information.

CBC booth at Hurricane Expo

How Much?

Actual Customer Requests
  • My printer will not scan; how much?
  • I have a software problem; how much?
  • I use my computer for important work and am leaving the state tomorrow. I can’t get to my copier either; it’s buried in a mess. Very frustrating! How much?
  • I need to recover data from a USB drive; how much?
  • I am looking to increase my web traffic and inquiries; how much?
  • How much will it cost to build me a website?
  • I want to retrieve photos from a 10 year old Windows 7 computer; how much?

If the above requests seem reasonable to you without additional information before we can provide an estimate, please, please, please don’t contact us.

IT Axioms

Things I’ve learned in 30 years of IT

  • User convenience wins over IT security
  • Security and compliance are not the same
  • Security and privacy are not the same
  • Authentication and authorization are not the same
  • Trust and verification are not the same
  • If you have ‘nothing to hide’, you have everything to lose
  • Build a 10 foot security wall and users buy a 12 foot ladder
  • A backup is as good as the last tested restore
  • To understand how a decision is made, follow the money
  • Don’t confuse activity with productivity
  • If a user says something isn’t important…it is
  • A missing $50 cable can delay a $1M project…details matter
  • Complex projects take 2x the time of the estimate
  • Technical debt is easy to add and difficult to remove
  • A software sprint is anything but
  • MDM solutions don’t find 10% of your devices
  • Customers don’t pay for documentation
  • If every user is special…no one is
  • If everything is urgent…nothing is
  • Important and urgent are not synonyms
  • An end user problem is not my emergency
  • This will only take a minute…won’t
  • Anyone claiming 100% compliance…won’t pass an audit
  • If you can’t measure it…you probably don’t understand it
  • Complex IT system fail gradually…then suddenly
  • Managing people is convincing you my emergency is yours
  • Work-Life balance does not apply at end of quarter
  • If you have a quota…the number is the number
  • No good deed goes unpunished
  • A manager who is ‘here to help’…isn’t
  • A feature and a bug are all about perspective
  • Your initial project estimate is a client’s final price
  • In a training class of smart IT people…sit next to the quiet one
  • Junior IT people…mouth shut and ears open
  • Smart IT people sit in the back of the room
  • Open source is free…unless you’re the maintainer