A strong password is important for the protection and secure access of your accounts. Hackers are adept at cracking passwords based on your easily found personal information, so don’t make it easy for them. Here are some password best practices:

  1. Avoid the obvious – Do not use names or dates
  2. The longer the password, the greater the security – We recommend a 10-character minimum
  3. Use a combination of letters (capitalized and lower case), numbers, and symbols
  4. Do NOT use the same password for multiple accounts
  5. Never write your passwords down in a notebook or post-it or save it in a Word document – Use a Password Manager

Examples of strong passwords:     

  • IL0v3SunnyD4ys!
  • r3dc4rsdr1v3f@st3r

Examples of weak passwords:

  • January191986
  • Benji2008

Password Management

There are many password manager applications available for use, and these applications provide an easy way to store your now very secure passwords. We recommend using BitWarden: https://bitwarden.com/, a free open source password management solution.

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