August 2018 Issue: Portable Apps

What are Portable Apps?
• Portable Apps are light weight self-contained applications
• Can be used on multiple computers from a single USB stick
• No installation required saving hard drive space and installation time
• Easy to move between and add to multiple computers
• Leave no footprints behind
What Type of Portable App Categories are Available?
• Education Tools
• Games
• Graphic and Picture Tools
• Internet Tools
• Music and Video Tools
• General Office Productivity Apps
How Can Portable Apps Help You?
• Browsers problems?
o Use a portable browser to continue surfing while we troubleshoot
• Suspect a virus or malware infection?
o Run a quick scan with Clam Win Portable
• Computer acting ‘sluggish’?
o Give CCleaner a try!
• Need to open, view, edit a Microsoft document but don’t have Office?
o LibreOffice is the app for you!
How Do I Get Portable Apps?
• Go to
• Find the apps you need!
• Simply download and save to a local folder or thumb drive
How Much Do Portable Apps Cost?
• Donations are accepted but not required
Questions or Need Assistance?
• Contact me at

Thank you,
Halie Martineau
Computer Science Intern
CBC Technologies LLC